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Phenomenal Parasites™ is a series of collectible cards developed by the Global Parasitologist Coalition and produced by Zombie Ant Studio. We are keen to share the knowledge of parasites via appealing designs that are friendly to everyone of all ages. Share the cards with your friends and family and introduce them to the surprising world of parasites!

Phenomenal Parasites - Lunar Edition - Collection I

Only 5 left in stock
  • Lunar Edition - Collection I

    Type: Poker size silver foil game cards

    Cards per collection deck: 5 cards

    Card dimensions: 63mm x 88mm (2.48" x 3.46")

    Card material: Thick Standard

    Card finishing: Silver foil front & back

    Packaging: Comes with acid-free sleeves and a booklet.

    *Shop images are for reference only.

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